Professional Journey

Alex Wade

Alex Wade‘s professional journey is distinguished by a broad and dynamic array of experiences across a multitude of reputable organizations and varied roles. At the helm of Skyjed as the CEO for the UK and Europe regions, Alex leads the charge in revolutionizing product lifecycle management, effectively positioning the company as a crucial hub for this industry. Additionally, Alex lends their expertise and leadership as the Chairman of The Man Walk Australia Incorporated, a pioneering initiative aimed at bolstering men’s health and fostering supportive communities.

Prior to assuming these impactful roles, Alex carved out a distinguished path through a series of prominent positions. At Assess Threat Pty Ltd, Alex served as a Director, where they applied their keen analytical skills to enhance risk management strategies. In the capacity of Managing Partner at Paradigm Global Advisory, Alex was instrumental in guiding the firm’s strategic direction and expansion efforts. Furthermore, Alex’s tenure as the CEO of AMP saw them overseeing an extensive portfolio that included banking services, financial advice, investment platforms, and superannuation sectors, highlighting their versatile leadership capabilities.

Alex’s extensive experience is further enriched by a significant period at Credit Suisse, where they assumed several critical roles. These included the Head of Developed and Emerging Asia, CEO of Private Banking Australia, and Managing Director of Asia Pacific, through which Alex demonstrated their adeptness at navigating and leading within diverse financial landscapes. The foundation of Alex’s illustrious career was laid at J.P. Morgan, where they took on various roles, setting the stage for a career marked by significant achievements in the finance sector.

In terms of academic credentials, Alex Wade is equally accomplished. Holding a Masters of Business and Technology from AGSM @ UNSW Business School, Alex has solidified their expertise at the nexus of business innovation and technology. Their entrepreneurial acumen is further evidenced by a Certificate in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Harvard Business School, attesting to their capabilities in pioneering new ventures. Alex’s dedication to leadership and organizational development is highlighted by their participation in the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Moreover, Alex expanded their knowledge in the financial technology domain through the Oxford Fintech Programme, also at Saïd Business School. Complementing their extensive educational background, Alex holds a certification in Client Advisor Competency Standards from IBFSG – The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore, encapsulating a broad spectrum of skills and achievements that illustrate an extraordinary career trajectory.